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KIDMETICS crazy mousse-foam for playing and bathing, pink

Funny foam helps develop a child's habit of routine self care. It has a flexible, soft, and plastic structure, which can transform into and maintain various forms throughout the game, without running off. Contributes to the development of imagination and creativity of the child - in the process of bathing, the child learns colors and masters the sculptor's skills, while developing hand motor skills. Use only under the supervision of adults! Easy to wash off from tiled, acrylic, and glass surfaces.

Directions for use:
To achieve the best effect, keep the can at room temperature for 2 hours after purchase.
Shake the container well, turn it upside down, and squeeze the necessary amount of foam onto the palm of your hild.
Let your child experiment with the mixture - build a snowman, a ball, a castle.
Different foam colors can be combined in the process. Rinse thoroughly off the skin with water after use.
We recommend applying a moisturizing lotion after bathing.


200 ml
Pieces per pack

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