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Provence Refill "Antitobacco" 250ml

Provence Refill "Antitobacco" 250ml

Universal replacement spray can for automatic air deodorization systems.

Perfectly absorbs the smell of tobacco smoke and is suitable for most automatic systems, intended for continuous odorization of air in any premise. The versatile and refined floral-powder aroma with a combination of fresh herbal and floral notes brings a royal sophistication and harmony to your home. Up to two months of continuous operation with a spray interval of min. 30 minutes.

Directions for use:
Make sure that the device is off before starting the installation of the refill can.
Open the device cover, remove the used can, and replace it with a new one.
Do not direct it in the face when switching on and setting the spraying interval.
Once switched on, the spraying will start automatically in a couple of seconds.
Change the batteries if necessary. 


250 ml
Pieces per pack

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